Sunday, May 19, 2013

'Land of the long white Cloud' officially it is NZ, but sometimes Gran Canaria

They refer to the island of New Zealand as the 'Land of the long white Cloud' , sometimes I could relate that name to my Island. It is really beautiful to look at that cloud from far...

Gran Canaria, Top of the Hills

but when you get closer and you drive into that cloud, that is what happens:

Gran Canaria, cloudy

wind, rain, cold and what you want to do is -get out- fast!

Gran Canaria, fauna

while heading down hill. to the south of this island, I surprisingly discovered this sign:

Gran Canaria, san francisco

San Francisco? What, without entering a plane? ;)

Gran Canaria, ocean-side

Ok, here we are. Back in the south again, back at the ocean, partly cloudy. Much better!


  1. You live in a wonderful place! I love islands! :)

    1. Thank you, Annuk, for the comment! More blogposts about this island to come!


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