Tuesday, December 10, 2013

FURRY FRIENDs **Round 4** of my **Pet Portrait Model** Contest

Good News Blogger Friends, more than one references from the photo entries got picked.

Over on my Facebook Page I have invited my FB Fans and Followers to submit photos of their lovely pets.
Each week I will select a photo randomly and I will do a unique hand-painted Pet Portrait Artwork of your Furry Friends.

---> Information about my *Pet Portrait* photo competition, follow the Link: ArtInMyAttic!

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For this weeks *PET PORTRAIT* Model OF THE WEEK; my furry assistant and I have decided to select two Pet models from older photo entries, and these are three WATERCOLORs, all together, painted from the photo references on my FB page.

Bella TheSilly Maschmeyer and her mommy;
Opi the Cat and Sandy Bogert Mueller;
Lulù dagli occhi blu and her mama
(randomly selected from pet photo entries and are hand drawn with watercolor washes):


Opi The Cat



As a thank you to everyone that participated I am painting a exclusive and unique pet portrait of one photo reference that entered.  
Email me your mailing address at artinmyattic(at)gmail[dot]com if you can not post a photo to my FB Page.

Want to see the other great entries from this week.  
You can find them on my FB Art fan page, here: 

Thank you all for sharing photos of your sweet furry love balls with me!

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