Sunday, December 22, 2013

***PET Portrait Model !*** Number 5 of my **FURRY FRIENDs** Contest over on my FB Page

Hello Blogger Friends and secret Followers, for this Pet Portrait Model challenge my Furry Studio Assistant and I decided to select more than one references from earlier photo entries! Yay!

Over on my Facebook Page I have invited my FB Fans and Followers to submit photos of their lovely pet.

Photos will be selected randomly and I paint at least ONE unique hand-painted Pet Portrait Artwork of your Furry Friend.

Interested? Find Information about my *Pet Portrait* photo competition, by following the Link: ArtInMyAttic!

PLEASE 'LIKE' AND 'SHARE' my Page with your friends!

For this weeks *PET PORTRAIT* Model OF THE WEEK; my furry assistant and I have decided to select two Pet models from earlier photo entries over on my FB page, and here are the WATERCOLORs, painted from the provided photo references.

Dahlia and Laura;
Winston from the Winston Blog and Laura



As a thank you to everyone that participated I am painting one exclusive and unique pet portrait of all photo reference that entered.  
Email me your mailing address at artinmyattic(at)gmail[dot]com if you can not post a photo to my FB Page.

Want to see the other great entries from this week.  
You can find them on my FB Art fan page, here: 

Thank you all for sharing photos of your sweet furry love balls with me!

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