Prize / Pet Portrait

Hello lovely folk! I have had some inquiries regarding my Pet Portrait paintings so here is the info. 
Be aware that I am using standard european paper format DIN A (3-5)!
Currency is listed in EURO!

All artworks are handmade, illustrated and painted, therefore they are 100% Original Art.
I use high quality material to ensure the longevity of your painting.

 Prizes for Watercolor
 Size                  Human/ Pet

S/  A5                     84€             [69€     *FB OFFER*]
M/ A4                    116€
L/ 30x40cm           150€
XL/ 40x50cm         225€
*€22.00 - add. Pet (up to medium size)
*€30.00 - add. Pet (available from Large size only) 

 Prizes for Graphit Pencil
 Size                  Human/ Pet
S / A5                      64.40€        [52€     *FB OFFER*]
M/ A4                       80€  
L/ 30x40cm             120€
XL/ 40x50cm           180 €
*add. Pet (Medium)   €30.00 
*add. Pet (Large only)  €40.00

 Prizes for Colored Pencil & Pastell
 Size                    Human/ Pet
M / A4                          130€         [118€   *FB OFFER*]
L  / 30 x 40 cm             180€
XL / 40 x 50 cm            290€
*add. Pet (Medium)     €30.00 
*add. Pet (Large only)  €40.00

SMALL:     8X6"   (20 x 15 cm)   Fits a 12" x 8" frame       / [ A5 (14,8 x 21 cm) ]
MEDIUM:  12X8" (30 x 20cm)   Fits a 16" x 12" frame      / [ A4 (21 x 29,7 cm) ]
LARGE:    16X12" (40.6 x 30.5cm) Fits a 20" x 16" frame / [ 30 x 40 cm ]
XLARGE:  15X22" (14.7 x 21.8 inches = 37.5x 55.5 cm)  / [ 40 x 50 cm ]

How to request a custom painting:
  • Choose a size
  • Choose between a Detailed Portrait Painting or a Minimal & Colorful Style
  • Send a clear, high quality photo of your pet

Email your photo and style-selection. Please add additional Info about the specifications of your painting and also providing extra Info about your pet, can help getting a preciser idea along the painting process. The Portrait painting will be done based on a favorite photo - if you have a preferred one. It always helps when additional photos are submitted to get a better impression of your pet. Remember the better the details, the better the painting can be. 

I only take payment via Paypal. 

Once payment is received, your painting will be completed and ready to ship in about 4-6 weeks, depending on the size and the current order queue. Often orders will be completed before the given time frame. During major holiday seasons orders usually increase and additional weeks are often required to complete an order so that the standards of quality can be maintained. 
The artist retains copyright on all artworks created.

*Additional charges will vary depending on complexity, number of pets, background, etc.! Shipping costs are additional, please get a quote before work begins. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Once approved a payment is due. The artwork comes un-mounted and will display nicely in a standard frame.

I also paint on other media, such as stretched mounted canvas, canvas board and cups (high shipping costs due to heavier packaging). I also offer larger sizes than those mentioned. I have painted cats, dogs, parrots, and other animals. I am open for your ideas.

If you are interested in a painting, you can fb message, or email: artinmyattic [@]

* I maintain the right to sell prints of the original.

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