Sunday, March 24, 2013

Original Stones of Gran Canaria

These original stones make a great gift to let someone know that you care. You can also use them as a gratitude rock to remind yourself to be Thankful. These handful of rocks can be tucked in a pocket or under a pillow for your loved ones to discover. It will give them a pocketful of love to share with others throughout the day.

Love and only Love... 

Various designs of owls, hearts, fishes, sailing boats and lady bugs painted on one of many stones gathered along the shores outside the heart of Maspalomas, Canary Islands, well polished by the ocean waters. Carry it with you in a pocket or leave it resting on a desk to remind you of Life, Wisdom, Hope, Love and imagination :) 

The stones measure various sizes , varying from small to big. 

There's a light glaze over the painting but it's probably best to keep the stone away from water and wire brushes just in case :)

All my items are handmade and, as such, have their own lovely quirks! Have fun looking through my art on this blog, here!

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