Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mikey the Red Tabby Cat - A Lovely Rescue Story

Hello friends, I want to share this wonderful story with you! 

I love when people take action whenever they see animals in need!

Today, I received a letter from a client, which made me cry! She allowed me to share this rescue story, but preferred to stay anonymous.
Read for yourself:

"... Mikey I found on a busy road near where I lived. I was taking my mom home and there were about 3 cars stopped right by the chinese restaurant and this little orange kitty was under the cars walking. Nobody moved until we saw that he was safely off the road. I dropped my mom at home and then went back to find the kitty. He was hiding in the leaves by the steps of the restaurant. I grabbed him and thew him into the car to which he put himself in the most akward point in my car ...under the seat. We almost had to take the seat out !
Once I got home I got out one of my carriers and it took over 30 minutes to get him out. He was full of snot and I such a mess. Took him to the vet the next day. They said he was a mush and just had an uri and he's been with us for lets say 14 years. He has a little brain damage but it never hinders anything he does.
So thats his story. ..."

This makes an artist-soul (me) feel really touched and proud, when I make my clients happy with my paintings! I know my painting is off to a good new home! Farewell!

Mikey, the Lucky Cat

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