Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New Cats Pencil-Drawings Charcoal, Sepia and Graphite

All new cat drawings 23x16cm. I love them little furry fellas! Meow...

Cat 'reaching for the stars', pencil drawing

Cat 'full body, front', pencil drawing

Cat 'frontal, head and body', pencil drawing

Cat 'smiling', pencil drawing

Cat 'head', pencil drawing

Do You want your little friend, hand drawn by me, on paper? A personal artwork for yourself to collect, or as a awesome gift, to give to a animal friend/ cat lover!


  1. They are so beautiful!!! You captured each kitty's unique personality!

    1. Awe, Thanks so much! I just discovered your lovely cat photos! They seem so relaxed. It is a beautiful place!


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