Sunday, July 14, 2013

Oil Pastel Drawings - Pets, Cats, Dogs and Horses - Examples of my Artwork

I love animals and I enjoy drawing them! If you are interested in having your own portrait of your lovely furry friend drawn, contact me in a message to artinmyattic(at)! To see more examples of my artwork you can go directly to my shop, simply click the link below:

Cat Full Body, Oil Pastel Portrait

Two Cats, Oil Pastel Portrait

Dean's Horse, Oil Pastel Portrait

Sleeping Dog, Oil Pastel Portrait

Pug Head, Oil Pastel Portrait

Kitty, Oil Pastel Portrait

Dog, Graphite Pencil Portrait

Dog, Oil Pastel Portrait 
Cat Head, Oil Pastel Portrait

Cat Head and Bust, Oil Pastel Portrait


  1. Sweeeeeet drawings!!! :) Your love for animals shows!

    1. I really do enjoy drawing my fluffy little friends. I always try to catch a special moment and to express their own unique character.

      Thank you Anna for these lovely words! :)


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